Enhanced Prefab MEP Manufacturer Accreditation Scheme

It is jointly developed by BCA and STAS. STAS is the appointed administrator for the scheme and will award the Prefab MEP MAS Certificate of Accreditation. The accreditation assessment emphasises on the capabilities, processes, and specific quality criteria required for the production of prefab MEP modules. The scheme helps to ensure quality assurance and control in the design, production, and installation of prefab MEP modules. It also helps to validate the processes used by the prefab MEP manufacturers to produce high quality prefab MEP systems and maintains good quality standards.

The enhanced criteria have been developed to align with Singapore's Built Environment Industry Transformation Map (ITM) 2.0 Pillar - Advanced Manufacturing and Assembly (AMA). This enhanced version now accredit applicants in two different tiers which is ‘Tier 1’ or ‘Tier 2’.

Evaluation Criteria
  1. Firm and Human Capital
  1. Staff Competency
  1. Live Project Reference & Actual Size Module Prototype
  1. Quality Assurance & Quality Control in Production
  2. Design
  3. Fabrication
  4. Installation at Worksite
  5. Storage, Protection and Delivery
  1. Digitalisation
  1. Production Facility Information
  1. Prefab MEP Plant/Factory Capabilities
  2. Workplace Safety
  1. Robotics and Automation [Applicable for Tier 2 ONLY]

Companies under Prefab MEP MAS – Tier 2 is eligible to apply for the Off-site Levy Scheme from 1 Oct 2023. Instructions on application and information on the Off-site Levy Scheme are made available on the following website.

How to apply?

To apply, please email to

To apply, please email to