Novade Prefabrication MEP

A leading digital QA/QC and production monitoring software for specialist contractors & suppliers

Digitise all QA/QC workflows
  1. Manage your QA/QC workflows – including standard processes and site inspections easily in a single request
  2. Implement STAS’ standard checklists to monitor critical status and keep records of documentation inclusive of photo evidence and audit trails
  3. Access module history or fabrication data using QR codes in real time
Gain visibility on pre-fabrication operations
  1. Monitor pre-fabrication operations from sub-assemblies off-site to the installation on site
  2. Identify bottlenecks and take corrective actions easily (potential late deliveries, missing components, incorrect installations etc.)
  3. Track all components’ status in real time using the Novade dashboard

Web & Mobile Dashboards

Easily access hundreds of dashboards on any device, anytime, anywhere

Excel Import & Export

Seamlessly import and export Excel files to and from the platform

PDF Export

Generate PDF files for easy sharing and reporting of information

Improve Productivity

Get teams aligned on a single, integrated platform and save on rework and inspection costs by up to 50%, increasing revenues and productivity for your business

Enforce High-Quality Standards

Drive continuous improvement across your business using the integrated and easy-to-use construction management software

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Engage your clients with transparent quality processes throughout the project

Trusted by leading contractors in Singapore
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Special launch price for STAS members – SGD667/month for 1 project

An approved digital QA/QC platform to comply with digitalisation requirement of Prefabrication MEP Manufacturer Accreditation Scheme (MAS) by STAS